Mimos Baby Pillows on the Gold Coast

Mimos Baby Pillows are available on the Gold Coast ...

The main purpose of the SIDS safe Mimos Baby Pillow is to prevent flattening of the baby's head by reducing pressure on the skull. It complements perfectly the plethora of positioning advice and skills shown at the clinic, as well as the gentle hands-on techniques used with Babies with 'Flat Head Syndrome'.

Having treated babies with Flat Head Syndrome (more properly known as Deformational Plagiocephaly) for years, I am really excited to have become a Gold Coast Supplier of the Mimos Baby Pillow. They are not the cheapest Baby Pillow on the market but having researched the subject and I am definitely satisfied that these high quality European-made pillows look, feel and are amongst the best available. There is some evidence of their effectiveness here (Öhman 2013).

The Pillows are made in accordance with SIDS guidelines www.mimospillow.co.uk and have been described as being 94% air. They are made out of a special 3D spacer fabric that is both breathable and safe for a baby. There are appropriate sizes for each baby; they are tested for 'air flow safety', they are machine washable, made out of safe textile materials and in fact are used in some hospital postnatal wards.

The Mimos Baby Pillow manufacturers took a decidedly scientific approach with their design and what the pillow is supposed to do. They say that "the natural latex pillow reduces pressure against the head by providing 400 percent more surface area of contact than a traditional mattress. It also provides 180-degree free rotation of the head and neck. The Mimos Baby Pillow's 100 percent natural latex allows efficient air circulation through millions of air holes; it is also washable and chemical-free."

If you want a Pillow for your baby, call us today on 0427 576 125. If you would like to benefit from our advice and treatment then that's a further reason to give us a call.

Posted by: Joyaa Antares

Joyaa Antares

Joyaa graduated from the European School of Osteopathy (UK) in 1987 and has completed extensive post-graduate studies in osteopathic care and research methodology. Typically, people of all ages and a wide spectrum of complaints come to his clinic. Adults and children present with back or neck problems, torticollis ("wry-neck"), headache, dizziness, and problems in the limbs and joints. Babies present with a range of musculo-skeletal issues. Joyaa is not a general physician or a surgeon, but as an osteopath he offers over 25 years of clinical experience. In this, he places prime emphasis on good communication, as well as your safety and comfort. He has been a Government-appointed member of the Osteopaths Panel of Assessors, a Clinical Supervisor to Osteopathic students at Southern Cross University and taught paediatrics at undergraduate and post graduate levels.