HCF More For Backs Provider on Gold Coast

GC Osteopathy became the first osteopathic provider of HCF's 'More for Backs Program' in Australia

For clients under the private health fund HCF, 'More for Backs' reimburses 100% of the initial osteopathy consultation fee.  It will do this once per year whether you have a new health condition or a flare up of an existing condition.  (A flare up means where you have not required osteopathy for at least three months previously).

GC Osteopathy is proud to participate in this program, which we think is a great addition to the ways we can help our clients.

We have participated in this program since 1st April 2013 - the day it started operation throughout Australia - and we can see how it helps all our clients.

If you are a member of HCF and have a back or neck problem, give us a call and book in for your 'free' (HCF-pays-all) treatment.  (HCF conditions will apply).

Posted by: Joyaa Antares

Joyaa Antares

Joyaa graduated from the European School of Osteopathy (UK) in 1987 and has completed extensive post-graduate studies in osteopathic care and research methodology. Typically, people of all ages and a wide spectrum of complaints come to his clinic. Adults and children present with back or neck problems, torticollis ("wry-neck"), headache, dizziness, and problems in the limbs and joints. Babies present with a range of musculo-skeletal issues. Joyaa is not a general physician or a surgeon, but as an osteopath he offers over 25 years of clinical experience. In this, he places prime emphasis on good communication, as well as your safety and comfort. He has been a Government-appointed member of the Osteopaths Panel of Assessors, a Clinical Supervisor to Osteopathic students at Southern Cross University and taught paediatrics at undergraduate and post graduate levels.