GC Osteopathy moves to Mudgeeraba!

Mudgeeraba - a lovely Gold Coast Hinterland village!

Now that GC Osteopathy is in Mudgeeraba, here's some information about our quaint and charming village

Most of you will know Mudgeeraba already - and for those that haven't discovered it, it's definitely time that you paid this delightful Gold Coast hinterland village a visit! 

Mudgeeraba boasts some lovely old Queenslander buildings - including our clinic - great cafés with excellent food and coffee, a couple of very popular bakeries, a Village Green and shaded, tree-lined roads - and an opportunity to take a breath of fresh air away from the increasing busy-busy of the rest of the Gold Coast. 

All this, simply from being on the west side of the Pacific Highway and a stone's throw from Robina Town Centre. And do you know what? This makes all the difference!

So, next time you come to see Joyaa Antares at GC Osteopathy - whether for a check-up or treatment for a new baby or child, or to help you or a family member with body ache or pain - consider checking out the Miller's café in Swan Lane, the Mudgee Bah Espresso, Mudjira Village Eatery or Gumnut Bakery/Café in the Mudgeeraba Market Shopping Centre, or the Oak Café at the northern end of the village. Or simply spend a while walking around the village and checking it out.. If your appointment is with GC Osteopathy in the early evening, try the popular Thai Mudgee Restaurant (slap-bang next door to us) or the exceptional Wine Barrel Restaurant (and you'll definitely need to book).

Or try somewhere we haven't mentioned and let us know how you get on - we're finding that there's always more to discover here and we'd love to hear about your experience.

We look forward to seeing you at GC Osteopathy soon!

Posted by: Joyaa Antares

Joyaa Antares

Joyaa graduated from the European School of Osteopathy (UK) in 1987 and has completed extensive post-graduate studies in osteopathic care and research methodology. Typically, people of all ages and a wide spectrum of complaints come to his clinic. Adults and children present with back or neck problems, torticollis ("wry-neck"), headache, dizziness, and problems in the limbs and joints. Babies present with a range of musculo-skeletal issues. Joyaa is not a general physician or a surgeon, but as an osteopath he offers over 25 years of clinical experience. In this, he places prime emphasis on good communication, as well as your safety and comfort. He has been a Government-appointed member of the Osteopaths Panel of Assessors, a Clinical Supervisor to Osteopathic students at Southern Cross University and taught paediatrics at undergraduate and post graduate levels.